The traveldashery is a travel and lifestyle brand based in Frisco, Texas. It’s an extension of an original venture founded by Jaime Leigh and is inspired by a quote that she and her husband live by, “Wherever you go, I go.” It instills the feeling of adventure with the unwavering devotion to never explore alone. In 2018, after many late night chats about dreams of traveling and personal goals of becoming entrepreneurs, Erin + Jaime decided to make this quote a reality and embark on this adventure together. Combining their individual talents of design and marketing with their love of traveling and storytelling, their goal is to help you hold onto your own travel memories through carefully curated collections of photos, stories, and goods. They are dedicated to wherever we go, you’ll go too.


jaime leigh  //  macgyver of creativity


Jaime Leigh is the classy lady in charge of creative + operations at the traveldashery. When she isn't busy doodling up new product ideas in her sketch book, she's probably packing up orders, responding to customer inquiries, or keeping the office organized. She's been in the entrepreneur game for a little over four years, having had two successful Etsy shops, a retail booth at a local maker market, as well as a long stint as a freelance graphic and web designer. She has a background in art + design and had concentrations in letterpress and book arts while in school. She loves learning new techniques and is constantly trying her hand at working with new mediums.

Born and raised in Central Florida, she grew up drawing along side her mother, who guided her to love and appreciate the arts. Her father, an entrepreneur himself, taught her his macgyver, problem solving talents and the skills needed to make it on her own. Traveling a lot as a child, that initial sense of adventure was instilled in her at a very young age.

In her off-time she enjoys spending hours scrounging through local flea markets and antique stores; vintage mirrors are her favorite find. She's been with her husband for over 12 years, married for three, and they have a morkie dog-child named Myleigh. She loves listening to jazz music on her record player, and swears she was born in the wrong decade.


fun facts

  • states visited : 16
  • countries visited: 2
  • miles traveled : 47,567.3
  • favorite city : charleston, south carolina
  • favorite state : texas
  • favorite trip : two year anniversary road trip to asheville // wilmington // charleston // atlanta
  • local breweries are a trip must-do
  • never travel without : coffee!
  • souvenir stickers are a necessity 


erin nicholson //  unicorn wrangler



Erin Ann is the supporting half of traveldashery, helping Jaime wrangle all her ideas + creativity and bring them to life. A lover of numbers and strategy, Erin hopes to use her business and corporate background to take traveldashery to the next level. 

Raised in Arkansas, Erin spent a lot of time outdoors. She was a girl scout, played sports her entire life, and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty or try something new. Her boho style, free spirit, and wantingness to roam balances well with Jaime to form a perfect partnership. 

In her off-time, Erin enjoys working on house projects, hiking, going to concerts and sporting events with her husband and 2 fur children. 

fun facts

  • states visited: 41 (only 9 more to go)
  • countries visited: 10
  • miles traveled: many, but so many more to go
  • favorite city: chicago
  • favorite state: texas (cali is close though)
  • favorite trip: recent honeymoon trip to  hawaii // new zealand // australia 
  • never travel without: hiking shoes
  • always stop + try a local coffee + dive bar
  • loves state + national parks