the road to the traveldashery

Have you ever had an idea that seems to almost attack your brain? It keeps coming back and back until you wrangle it in and bring it to life? Traveldashery was that idea for me. I started having these thoughts almost 9 months ago. I was managing two Etsy stores at the same time, as well as doing freelance graphic design on the side. My cup truly runneth over.  During this time, I was invited to join the ranks at Lone Star Mercantile, and of course I said YES! This was my first chance to carve a spot in the world of brick-and-mortar retail. I had high hopes for my little booth, and was beyond excited to get myself and my products into a store. However, I immediately ran into the problem of what Etsy store name to use: bepoken + beloved or Poppy Press? What do I decide to sell? Should it be a little from both, or do I concentrate on only one?  I knew at that moment that I needed to look at myself and my brands, and figure out how to streamline my focus and products. Poppy Press was already very successful, and I had many plans for new items, ultimately dreaming of having my items in retail stores (Anthropologie…#lifegoals). At the same time, my wedding business was becoming more lucrative as well, and money can always be found in weddings. I debated for a while and took a long look at what made me happiest and gave me the most freedom with my talents. Happiness + freedom are what I let lead me.

In September 2017, I went on vacation and decided to do a test run in shutting down my wedding shop…and, unknowingly at the time, I would never look back. As much as I loved receiving sweet messages about how much brides enjoyed my work, I had to be honest with myself that it was taking a toll on me. The custom work had me putting in several late nights, and I didn’t have the freedom or the time I needed to create new things. My heart just wasn’t in it anymore, and that defeated the purpose of owning my own business. I believe entrepreneurs can go through this process several times. Some may take it as failure, but I see it as opening doors to other opportunities. Being a designer, I want to pour my heart and soul into my projects. I needed to think about what industry, what projects, and what customers would allow me to really love what I was producing.


Around this same time, I started having the ideas of a travel related store. My husband and I love to take road trips, and I’m an extreme documenter. Friends started reaching out to me about where to go and what to do when they were planning on visiting a city they knew I had been to. It just made sense. My Poppy Press store was filled with state and city prints and even my famous mugs would have a place. I just needed a new name, something catchy and fun, but that expressed what I was all about.

TRAVELDASHERY. You may have read the story of where the name came from in the 'designing traveldashery' blog post. If not, here’s a quick re-cap. It stems from the old-school word, "haberdashery", which is a shop that sells small goods and notions. Once I thought of it, the name stuck in my brain for months. I put it out in the world, asking family and friends what their thoughts were, and among those was Erin.

It can be hard working at home and being alone daily, especially for a creative. Sometimes it is just you and your work, which can cause ideas to become stagnant at times.  I would turn to Erin for opinions on many projects, and this new venture was no different. She is a creative project manager at a large corporation, and has a background in marketing, so she has a lot of knowledge to give. Once I settled on the name for my new store, I spent a few months going back and forth with logo designs (read about here), none of which I was crazy about. One night we met up and brainstormed different travel related designs, and we started having a conversation about how we would both love to travel around the country, just living out of an airstream. We laughed, but then this flicker of an idea turned into a burning reality. Soon after, Erin actually left for a month-long adventure to New Zealand and Australia, and we met up again upon her return. Traveldashery had lodged itself in her brain too! She told me she couldn’t get it out of her head! 

business partner headshot.jpeg

After many collaborative conversations we thought we should join forces, passions, and stories. Let’s take this dream, traveldashery, and build the e-commerce site I had been dreaming of. The next thing I know, there is a launch date of April 2nd on both of our calendars.

We want traveldashery to provide travel ideas, tips, and memories. “Notions of the places you love.” We will share our travel stories, small and large, and will have curated designs and goods to go along with them. Custom requests are also still welcome, and we'd love for you to share with us any desired locations or travel and brand stories you have! We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and sharing our journeys together.